I started my Saturday morning off with a hike around this perfect country farm property, looking for locations for portraits with this beautiful bunch. We found lots of great spots, and I can’t wait to share them all, but here are a few for now…..







June 16, 2011

It was great to see this family again, and meet their newest little guy, who was full of giggles and smiles, until he took a little nap, long enough to get some beautiful sleeping portraits with Mom.

Thanks for the afternoon of fun, and enjoy your sneak peek. All the best with your brave little man over the next few weeks.








For the past several months I have had the pleasure of spending each weekday morning with a lovely young lady from the local high school. She joined me late March for her co-op placement, hoping to learn a little more about photography (hopefully she’s picked up a thing or two while here:). Last week we went out and had a session, learning about locations, posing, lighting etc, and ended up with some great pics of the gorgeous Miss Elizabeth.

In Elizabeth’s first month with me, she was ‘thrown into the fire’ with her first photography assignment. She photographed the ‘Hands for Haiti’ event at Trent University and did a very impressive job. On April fool’s, I pretended to be to sick to do that days session, and asked her to take it while I laid down…..poor kid nearly passed out, but with a shaky voice agreed to the job….she was very relieved to find out it was a joke, but I was very impressed that she rose to the challenge:)

Elizabeth, thanks so much for all of your help with packaging, sorting, organizing, cleaning and especially the fantastic job you did on the scrapbooks. They will be treasured forever. I wish you every success in the exciting adventures coming your way, and hope to see some pics of those adventures too!



Sweet {SISTERS}…

June 9, 2011

I had a fabulous session this week, with a wonderful group of gals. I was excited to meet Mom, who fairly recently moved here from my home town of Guelph.

Little baby {F} was a dream newborn model, slept for our whole session, didn’t poop on me once (fairly rare for a newborn session:) and ‘posed’ like a pro! Her big sis was full of spunk and smiles, and was so sweet with her new little sister.

Great to meet all of you! Can’t wait to show you the rest. Enjoy the ‘sneak peek’.






After a long winter in the studio, I am so thrilled to be shooting outdoor sessions again. And what a fabulous family to start with, at my favourite location. Thanks for a great Saturday afternoon session guys!