January 29, 2010

I had the absolute pleasure of working with this beautiful family about 2 years ago, when their oldest boy was just 3 months old. Now, he’s back with his adorable little brother. I have said it before, but I really do love seeing these babies grow. I feel such pride when they return to the studio, now speaking a few words, walking, going to the potty…..I’m so proud!

Here are some portraits from our session this week.




A Random Rant…

January 18, 2010

This morning I sat in the dentists waiting room, with 3 other adults, a teen and a girl of about 9 (one of the adults being her Father). The teen read a book to pass the time (yay her), the young girl looked around with boredom and the adults (including me) ‘played’ on our gadgets…..checking emails, setting up schedules, etc. I noticed the young girl keep looking over her Dad’s shoulder, trying to see what he was doing. The only interaction between the two of them was when Dad said, without looking up, ‘you’re driving me nuts’. The look of bewilderment on the girls face made my heart break. I know Dad didn’t mean it, but he had just brushed off his daughter and she was obviously hurt. I have seen this more and more lately (or maybe I am just now noticing it). Just a bit earlier this morning, I watched a young Mom with her 4 year old daughter, walking as she I always see her…..little girl tagging along behind her, Mom in front, typing on her phone. This bothers me on so many levels, not to mention the danger of not paying attention to one so young. It’s so sad to see these missed opportunities to connect with the loved one right next to you.

Having said this, I am guilty, very guilty, of exactly the same thing. I too pull out my phone, see if anyone has emailed/phoned while my children seem occupied near me. I wonder if they too are hurt by my choice. What happened to good ole “I spy” or reading a book together, or just talking, to pass the time.

I often hear about the negative effects that growing up in this age of technology is having on our kids. Are they losing the ability to communicate with real people? From what I see, the kids are doing OK, its us, their parents, that are having trouble integrating it into our lives in a healthy way, without allowing it to consume us. When I see ‘kids’ using their gadgets around other people, they are doing it WHILE connecting and conversing with the people around them, not instead of. We tend to get completely engrossed in our little screens, unable to juggle virtual and reality at the same time.

So, I have a proposal. Since we are now imposing a ban on cell phone use while driving (which I COMPLETELY agree with…..don’t get me started), I think we should also have a ban on cell phone use while parenting (I mean the absolutely frivolous, unnecessary use of). We are just too distracted, and the message it sends to our little ones is heartbreaking. I am putting a self imposed ban on myself, as I am admitedly very guilty of choosing to pass time looking at my screen, with no real agenda, while my kids are close by. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my technology, almost to the point of addiction, so this is also a self imposed ‘kick in the butt’ to me. You will still see me checking my emails while I wait for the kids to get out, talking on my phone as I walk down the street, and checking facebook as I wait at the dentist’s office……just not with the kids.

Ok, now the rants over, here are some cute baby pics:)